Missy Malone Prints


Hi everyone,

I have a set of prints on sale.  I did a set of illustrations of the fabulous Missy Malone which she is selling through her website HERE.  I loved doing these.  Massive thanks to my excellent friend Emma at Miss Rain Photography.

Hope You likey!


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  1. fantastic! especially the last one

  2. rodrigo! says:

    theyre looking awesome jake! Definitely a great step to do prints and the style is looking sweet as well

  3. clo says:

    It looks nice! Aren’t their head too big though?

  4. Dead Mello says:

    These look great, Jake. I like how the colours are popping!

  5. Sergio Lopez says:

    These came out pretty good. The heads feel a tad too large, which would be excusable if these were “normal” folks, but since you’re going for a pin-up style you probably want them to have more of a longer slender look…

  6. Raf Sarmento says:

    What a hell man, these are FANTASTIC! Can’t point a singular highlight, every single detail looks gorgeous!

  7. Eduardo says:

    Great Work! I like it! But I think that she (the lady in your draws) has a big head.

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