Something for class.

About Troy Galluzzi

Troy Galluzzi AKA skullsquid is a San Francisco based illustrator and concept artist. For more work please refer to: and

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  1. fedezz says:

    Ok, allow me to be the first one saying this: I friggin’ love it!!!!
    Color and silkscreen print now!! :P

  2. grumbles says:

    hahaha perfect! such a playful image!
    color and silkscreen AND send it to ME now! :razz:

  3. Simon Fellah says:

    Gave me a good smile :grin:

  4. Troy Galluzzi says:

    Will do as soon as my teacher tells me how to do it. Supposedly we’re going to do silkscreening of some kind.

    Thanks guys!

  5. min yum says:

    colour colour colour colour.. NOW NOW NOW NOW

  6. IdiotApathy says:

    :D Troy you bastard, you should update more. Wanker.

  7. entdroid says:

    I love it Troy!!!!! Soooo awesome, I want a silkscreen print too!!! :D

  8. Daniol says:

    awesome ! haha

  9. Mike Dutton says:

    i second the color and silkscreen nod. this is too good to pass up!

  10. LOL! thats awesome. Looks like he is walking on a mountian of Lactation breasteses. :shock: very cool. :grin:

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