Well I guess I should join and go ahead and post my LMS 3 entry too. I had a great laugh making this one. Click here for a bigger version.

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  1. fedezz says:

    I totally dig it Brun. Definitely an out of the box take on the topic. :mrgreen:

  2. entdroid says:

    I loved your take on the topic! I wish the legs were a bit more tight but overall it’s a fantastic piece, well done! :D

  3. Simon Fellah says:

    Yeah, it really was a stand out out to me, when i saw it the first time on CA. I have always loved this kind of loose painted style.

  4. strych9ine says:

    Loved this entry…

  5. ooh! tree of Knowledge, haha pretty cool. I like how the guys has a present on his mind. ;) nice creepy mood.

  6. Jack says:

    That is just great, wow. Love it.

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