Lady of the Lake


My first illustration in oils… This was soooo fun, definitely going to do more traditionally!


About Nonie

Winona Nelson is an Illustrator and concept artists based in Philadelphia, PA. She has worked for Magic: the Gathering, Warhammer Black Library, Night Shade Books, Final Form Games, Planet Moon Studios, and Flagship Studios. She studied at the Safehouse Atelier in San Francisco.

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  1. troygalluzzi says:

    Very fucking nice Winona.

  2. liam.c says:

    lol was going to say the exact same as troy !!!!!!it defetnly is fukn awesome !

  3. Is this really your first illustration in oils ? OMG – that is frightening. It’s awesome but multiplied by a millions considering this is your first. If you could only see my first oil…….

  4. Nonie says:

    Troy – thanks!

    liam.c – thanks, man :)

    scott – Yeah, first illustration. I’ve done some alla prima heads and a couple monotone cast paintings though. So I’ve handled and mixed oils but nothing with backgrounds or glazes or a full scene.

  5. Clo says:

    That’s impressive .__. Definitely want to see the next ones!

  6. Interceptor says:

    As a cowboy I see this kind of stuff all the time, naked flying ladies bringing me my piece. You captured the image well. We can expect more oils?

  7. This came out so beautifully, Nonie! It’s great to get to see the finished painting.

  8. marctaro says:

    awesome! Its so cool to see big originals! biggggggger next time! you’re on the way to fine art!

  9. Vorace says:

    I just love the idea… and the execution…
    it’s powerfull!!!

  10. Nonie says:

    Clo – I’ll definitely post them :D

    Loren – Yeah, I really wanted to capture the everyday feeling of cowboy life :) Eys indeed, I shall be doing more oils. I got a lot of paint laying around and that shit’s expensive.

    Julie and Boris – Thanks! Watching you guys work was a really big help, especially taking the step between the drawing and painting. That part’s scary.

    Marc – Haha yeah! Someday maybe I can sell this shit :)

    Vorace – Thanks a lot!

    Dave – Haha, thanks man :)

  11. Björn Hurri says:

    wicked!! My hat is off to you!

  12. bluefooted says:

    I’m late, but I love it! I can believe it’s your first – you’re a fantastic artist.

  13. Asmodean says:

    This REALLY reminds me of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Roland Deschain of Gilead of the line of Arthur Eld (King Arthur) :D

  14. bungasan says:

    where does one get a print?

  15. samsinizzle says:

    Was thinking the same thing as Asmodean. Is that Roland?

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  17. Kevin says:

    Your first oil !!!, that is so amazing. Brilliant work and a great take on the old story :)

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