It’s a trend! Let’s doooo iiit!!!


You guys are all so crazy good! :D Here’s my humble addition to this, and here’s me following the LMS trend!

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  1. IdiotApathy says:

    My favorite part is the coins, heheh kidding. Seriously my favorite part is the monkey :D

  2. Rebeccak says:

    This is great! Totally dig your style Karla – beautiful work!

  3. entdroid says:

    Yeah I love the monkey too!!! I totally dig this entry, great idea Karla :D

  4. Really fun piece! I thought this stood out- it had a refreshing light-hearted feel about it.
    Good technique too -love the painterly quality.

  5. Julien Alday says:

    Your entry is in my top five of the entire round 1!!! So smart take on the topic, and the execution is just… Wow ! Glad to see you here !

  6. chupacabra says:

    Psshhh.. Don’t tell anyone. This is my favourite piece of the whole first round.

    Could you post a process, it really makes me wonder how you did it..

  7. Hey Icon, your piece for LMS came out FABULOUS!! really I love it. reminds me of Indiana Jones. Really witty as well. I’m glad you posted. ;)

  8. alice says:

    I love the facial expressions so much! its just too funny

  9. koppa says:

    haha you wooped me big time karla :P

  10. emilyg says:

    Yeah, the guy with the monkey on his head is my favorite. :)

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