Hey Gorillas,

Just wanted to let everyone know I’m still around, and I have been enjoying all of the incredible work you guys are posting, you’ve been blowing me away. 2010 was pretty crazy, but in a great way… Busy work schedule, busy freelance schedule and an awesome baby boy for my wife and I had me swamped. Anyway, here’s a personal piece I worked on for months in between work and jobs. A bit more explanation and a details crop over at my blog


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  1. clo says:

    WOW! O_O Awesome image!

  2. DAMN that`s beautiful… LOVE the details on the skull and the colors work wonderfully, mate.
    congrats on the little bundle of joy, too!! :)

  3. Julien Alday says:

    Perfect ! Just perfect !
    Congrats for the baby in that awesome past 2010 year !
    Your illo is killer ! Like all your illos in fact !
    Best for that 2011 year.

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  5. Dead Mello says:

    Thanks for checking it out, I really appreciate it…

    Clo, it’s so nice to hear from ya! Glad you like it. I’ve been enjoying your updates as always.

    Patri, hey brother! Thanks a lot! I think chipping away at it for months gave me the patience to to into so much detail..ha ha…yes my little guy is a bundle of joy…makes my heart wanna explode.

    Julien, man you are so kind…thank you for the warm wishes!

    Allen…thank you very much! That means a lot…cheers!

  6. Björn Hurri says:

    Congratulations on the kid!
    Great illustration as well

    double cheers

  7. Cody Tilson says:

    Man, I love it! Great work and congrats on the grublet!

  8. Dead Mello says:

    Thanks guys! Much appreciated…

  9. Marc Scheff says:

    Congrats on getting _anything_ done with a new boy. We just had the same, and I’m impressed!

  10. redehlert says:

    This image is golden! Or, should I say…crimson?
    Really arresting Isis interpretation DM! Lovely details throughout!
    In awe.


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