Imagine fx stuff


Hey Guys!

Really amazing work in here, I loooove it all.

Here’s my addition.

It’s the cover for issue 28 of Imagine FX. It’s all in honor to Frank Frazetta’s 80th birthday….80 years of badass illustration!!

Here’s hoping for good jobs like these in a future! :D


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  1. Donk says:

    warm and lovely :)

  2. bumskee says:

    you sexy thing…

  3. Nonie says:

    awesome! Love it :)

  4. IdiotApathy says:

    Made me so happy to see this cover when I got the latest issue :)

  5. Cody Tilson says:

    You know what I think about this already Karladios, great great great…

  6. Julien Alday says:

    OMG ! I bet Frank will be pround of you ! And you just entered in my personal Hall Of Fame.

  7. Interceptor says:

    Awesome, K. Congrats, you deserve it.

  8. Gryphon says:

    Ooooh. Very cool – I really like the subtle color variations.

  9. edgar c. says:

    i love that magazine…its cool that u got the cover…

    i should get a subscription to it already…(i’ve been paying 16 over at barnes n noble for like 4 month already)

  10. redehlert says:

    looks just like you, girlie!
    congrats on making the cover…definitely feel it will land you gigs. :)


  11. netrunner says:

    Wow, love this one. It has a certain Frazetta flair that I really like.

  12. crazy piece, I love the girl. she`s gorgeous.

    btw – I`m in that issue as well.
    I`m one of the 80 artists contributing to that issue,
    on frazzeta`s 80th birthday. :)

    hope it turnes out well.


  13. Kian says:

    Looks great on the shelves Karla ;)

  14. Björn Hurri says:

    Very tasty cover!!!

    cheers and keep on rocking!

  15. Congrats! Love the panthers *rawr*

  16. koppa says:

    came out great karla :) well done :)

  17. What an awesome job! It’s a really beautiful cover Karla. When I saw it I did a WOW! then a GASP! no really it’s seriously awesome!! :D!!

  18. Rob Rey says:

    Beatiful Karla! that’s a nice one. :)

  19. liam.c says:

    sooooo hot !

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