i concur


with you lord david.





About Daniol

i like drawing and painting.

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  1. Ben Newman says:

    wow. These are beautiful.

  2. crazy stuff Dan. I love those very much.
    can`t get enough of your work, mate. :)

  3. Mr.Delicious says:

    mmmm, so good daniel. Is that second one a couples portrait of us?

  4. Imaginary says:

    Your understanding of… everything is just ridiculous. Loving the first one, think it’s the colours, so good. =D

  5. cakeypigdog says:

    theses are really class! You ought to exhibit mate

  6. Daniol says:

    Ben, thanks man ! Means a lot coming from you :)

    Patri, thanks dude ! Hope you’re doing well !

    David, of course it is, my love….. OOOooooooooooOOOOOOHAAAAAAhhh

    Imaginary, thanks ! Even though i dont think i understand anything…. haha

    Jake, thanks man! I hope blizz is taking well care of you ! :)

  7. Zord says:

    too cool, dude.

  8. wow that first one.
    wow that last one.
    but wow, that first one ~ wowzer(!)

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