hotel bronco


Howdy everyone. Here are some things I did recently, in an attempt to stop drawing only chicks on a white bg. As you can see, some backgrounds are still white. And there are still chicks. Well.
The images are a little small, but you can click them to make them less small.




hotel bronco








Any critic, comment is absolutely welcome. Have an awesome day :)

About crowley

Character designer, lead 3d modeler and freelance illustrator.

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  1. OmenD4 says:

    Beautiful work,

  2. bengal says:

    tout à fait beautiful.

  3. Brun says:

    These are so amazing, such great work Crowley!


  4. damn dude I can have your “chicks on white BG” any day, all day.. :)
    those are wonderfuly constructed. just really beautiful work, design and all. elegant and powerful.
    thanks for sharing!

  5. Douglas says:

    I can’t speak for the skill or technique, but I like both pieces. Each seems to hold a story worth more telling. I will commend you on recognizing a pattern in your work and trying to create cross ways to that tendency. I we all benefit from teaching ourselves how to do new things.

  6. zweiDee says:

    no crits, these are just very nice.

  7. clo says:


    C’est trop classe.

  8. Katy says:

    Ditto what Douglas was talking about and just keep experimenting and being fearless about new things.
    I love the top piece very much.


  9. These are so great-and I think I already told you how in love I am with the first one. Great great work

  10. Imaginary says:

    I love how you use different rendering styles in the same picture! =D

  11. OYO says:

    aaaah the french touch, the clean lines, the asian influences, the elegant poetic sensitivity. You make me proud son ! Je rejoins Clo… Maquereau !

  12. Vorace says:

    wow loving the style!

  13. ninjahq says:

    I liked the first image well enough to make it my new desktop image :)

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