hi ! i’m a new gorilla’s man :)


Hi ! I’m Nénent and i’m a french drawer. i’m coming here to present you my works and to meet you ^^

i hope that you like it.

see you soon !

ps : sorry for my english !

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  1. double says:

    on dis pas trop drawer…… amais avec des illustration comme ca on t’excuse

  2. double says:

    on dis pas trop drawer…… mais avec des illustration comme ca on t’excuse

  3. dewolf joris says:

    verry nice illustrutions. like the stile and love to see traditional way of working.

  4. Nynthe says:

    Loving the colours and soft feel :) Last one is great.

  5. brun says:

    Nenant, GREAT TO HAVE U HERE!!!

    Once again it was great to meat u at the signing in Paris.
    I love all of these images, they are all very strong.
    Great stuff.



  6. Clo says:

    Toub toubidoubidou! *dances*

  7. C.R.MacTernan says:

    Beautiful work!! Welcome. :)

  8. Sergio Lopez says:

    this is GREAT! I love it all!!

  9. Beautiful illustration. I love the textural qualities.

  10. nenent says:

    thank’s for your post !

    brun >> me to ^^

    Clo >> huhuhu fofolle va ^^

  11. WHOA! these are great! thanks for sharing. Love em!

  12. Imaginary says:

    You have a very cool and unique style. =)

  13. DanielClarke says:

    Beautiful and magnificent work!:D

  14. liam.c says:

    oooooo awesome ! glad your here !

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