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Hey Gorillas! It’s been ages since I posted.. thought I should let you know I’m still alive. Great to see all the awesome work getting posted every day. Thanks for the inspiration!

Here’s a few things I’ve managed to finish lately…




This is a character/style experiment from a personal project…


And another character sketch for a totally different project…



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  1. Interceptor says:

    beautiful work mate. I love the body type on the mixed bag girl. the tiny bit of extra weight on her hips is very cute. and the skintones are gorgeous. Great work all around, really.

  2. Mark Molnar says:

    great colors / skin tones / compositions / values. like them all, but the first is simply beautiful.

  3. Julien Alday says:

    AFRIKA ZAMBATA !!!!!!! :O

    You know I was waiting for an update, and you don’t disapointed me with that one !
    Geez ! Encore !

    Doc J.

  4. dang…

    brilliant work Mr. Mello!
    I especially love the first and last pieces here.
    superb work.


  5. Nigel! Good to see you sharing these, instead of being kept as dark secrets on your blog :) Ya know I dig these in a big way – can’t wait to see your next bunch of goodies . Hope all is well my friend -s.

  6. Dead Mello says:

    Hey thanks so much guys! I really appreciate the feedback!

    Loren – really glad you dug the body type and skintones alright! phew! great to hear from you, bro!

    Mark – Thanks so much, man…that first piece is a bit of a new direction in progress… good to hear you like it!

    Julien – Dude, you’re awesome… I got my shit together to post thanks to you! Glad I did, you guys made my day. :-)

    Patri – Hey Patri! Always great to hear your thoughts man, you know I love your stuff… High Fives!

    ScottyBro! – Hey buddy! Thanks man, you know I gots my dark secrets! ;-) All is indeed well and it’s great to hear from ya! Take care, homie!

  7. Clo says:

    Yay ! colors ! The first one is so cool ! Great mood, i love that mix you did between graphic lines and more painted parts.
    I also love the third one’s colors and outfit of the girl, though her knees seem to be too down in her legs and her legs overall are kind of shorts ! Also the flower touching right the border of the frame disturbs me a little bit. But i’m done with bullying you! :D
    Nice to see some updates from you, mooooore !!!

  8. Dead Mello says:

    Clo! I’m really happy you like the graphic/painted mix…it’s a stylistic direction I’m leaning towards more and more… As for the 3rd one… you’re bang-on… thanks very much for the crits! She does have some pretty stubby legs doesn’t she?! :-) I think that one need a little re-work= to fix those points.

    Thanks for bullying me! Do you want my lunch money now?? ;-)

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