here heres soem sharpy scribbles that i liekd so thay will end up as borders for a project , they will end up on destressed paper with a more full graphic border but heres the so far. i love to sketch with the new sharpy pens ! .


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  1. Sergio Lopez says:

    The paintings are good, but I loooove the line drawings!

  2. ^ yeah man – I like it all, but those loose line drawings are the shit

  3. Dead Mello says:

    Word… I likes the scribbly steez. They’re all super. Nice, man!

  4. zweiDee says:


  5. Coz says:

    Love them!

  6. I like these! The second value illustration is the best, nice play of negative and positive space. :D

  7. Clo says:

    Oooh! I love the lines! More like that please! :O

  8. rodrigo! says:

    fukjiknh awrome liamC!! i lve thse works ha oh man ilike how u usethe right angel and diagonal compsoiton!!

    haha ;P

    sorry just playing around.

    but yeah man i’m really enjoying your use of negative space. im like obsessed with filling it with crap, so its something i need to learn from you!! also nice tonal values too, pulling off the greyscale with success!!!

  9. liam.c says:

    woh lkol thats alot of response thanks guys! i hope thay work out right for the project . i lvoe to sketch with the pen more then anythign else if i coudl get away with it id do only that ever lol and if u havent yet try out the new sharpie pens ! cheep, smooth feel,solid pigment , good all the way round

    rodrigo rofl ! thanks thats the nicest way any one has ever called me lazy :P jk thanks man !

  10. bumskee says:

    :P rod is a dork hahahah.. these are really nice batch of work liam, sweet!

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