Happy Halloween + Lots of Squirrels!

Hi everyone! I haven’t posted anything here in AGES, so I thought I’d remedy that.
Here are some images from a project me and Federico are working on together, it’s a picture book we wrote and are in the process of illustrating, and hopefully someone will like it and publish it.
These are some of the preliminary sketches for our main character, Ernestine, and for some of the locations in the story:

These are some of the tests we made of different looks for the book (the last one is closer to what we’d like to do for the final look):

Pencil + Digital

Ink + Watercolor


We liked working with pastels so much that we recently made a Halloween illo featuring Ernestine in this medium as well, this time we tried them on Pastelmat card, it’s a really wonderful surface:

You can buy prints of our Halloween illustration (and many others! and originals!) on our Store! And if you liked what we’re doing with this project so far, you can follow its progress more closely by liking our Pigs with Crayons Facebook Page!

I hope you like these, and Happy Halloween! :)

About Victoria Maderna

I’m a full-time freelance illustrator based in Toledo, Spain (originally from Argentina). I like drawing animals and children and silly creatures, and I am addicted to comics and books.

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  1. Brun says:

    These are perfect Vic!

  2. Fed and Vic these are so adorable! I love to see the process, you guys really inspire me.
    Thanks for sharing! can’t wait to see more. <3

  3. uko says:

    woah! that’s lovely

  4. Devin Platts says:

    those pastels are magical :O

  5. Joey says:

    These are great. Love the pastel look. did this come out?

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