Happy Birthday to us!!!! :)

Today is our blog’s first anniversary! So to celebrate such a joyful occasion, we decided to do something special for our readers and supporters.

The activity of choice was “draw another member’s portrait”. Some names were drawn from a hat, some chose to illustrate each other, some people were buried with deadlines and couldn’t make it, but all in all we all feel the outcome has been fun, exciting and rewarding. We hope you feel the same way! :)

Enough of the talk, let’s show the ARTZ! :D

Portrait of Randall Whiteis by Kian

Portrait of Troy Galluzzi by Zord

Portrait of Daniol by Björn Hurri

Portrait of Jens by Chupacabra

Portrait of Bunny by Fooxoo

Portrait of Dead Mellotron by Coda

Portrait of Bumskee by Iolarnula

Portrait of Kian by Scott Altmann

Portrait of Fedezz by Cody Tilson

Portrait of Chupacabra by Bluefooted

Portrait of Julien Alday by Bunny

Portrait of Alice by Interceptor

Portrait of Texahol by Randall Whiteis

Portrait of Entdroid by Jens

Portrait of Iolarnula by Dave Palumbo

Portrait of Danomight by Troy Galluzzi

Portrait of Bluefooted by Julien Alday

Portrait of Cody Tilson by Bumskee

Portrait of Scott Altmann by Fedezz

Portrait of Coda by Dead Mellotron

Portrait of Dave Palumbo by Texahol

Portrait of Fooxoo by Entdroid

Portrait of Zord by Danomight

Portrait of Björn Hurri by Daniol

Portrait of Cakeypigdog by Patri Balanovski

Portrait of Patri Balanovski by Cakeypigdog

That’s all folks! We hope you enjoyed our anniversary treat! :)

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  1. liam.c says:

    had to take about 10 more looks thay are all soo cool !

    man thay are all so great and filled with character ! thay all seem to be perfect for the person ! min and chups are my favorit ones but thay are all beatuiful

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  3. Dorian says:

    WHAAAAA =D Hilarious!! So cool :D

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