Halo 4

I want to congratulate my friends at 343i on all the great reviews and for a phenomenal launch of Halo 4. It was a honor working with you.

Below is the bulk of my humble contribution, a fair portion of which I’m pleased to say was featured in Awakening: The Art of Halo 4. It feels great to be able to finally share it with you all.

If you’re interested in hearing a little more about each piece, head on over to my tumblr and keep an eye out for updates in the coming days: http://tomscholes.tumblr.com/

About Tom Scholes

Available for Freelance Concept Art/Visual Development specializing in environments. I’m passionate about the untapped potential of digital art and interactive entertainment, and am deeply interested in the growth of both mediums. I believe art is the best means of discovery and delievery of emotional and experiential knowledge and am constantly searching for the means to provide enrichment in these areas. I’ve worked on 7 different titles for 3 different studios; Microsoft’s 343 Industries, NCSoft’s ArenaNet, and Disney Interactive’s Avalanche.

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  1. Cody Tilson says:

    So much incredible. Inspiring stuff, you bastard!

  2. STPo says:

    I definitely DO love your style, Tom. Marry me!

  3. Brun says:

    Never played Halo, but seeing these images sure makes me want to do so. Superb stuff Thom!

  4. michele says:

    Really great collection of clean, powerful images!

  5. LostKeep says:

    Man… I really love the animated gifs! Staring at them is like dwelling on an incredibly affecting moment.

  6. dude…
    this is the definition of awesome, you know that, don’t you Tom boy?
    crazy deliciousness.

  7. Ture Ekroos says:

    Holy crap, these are awesome! I love your stylistic sensibilities and the emotion you convey in your work.

  8. crowley says:

    I said damn. Multiple times.
    And these orange rocks. Damn indeed.

  9. Eon says:

    Interesting concepts. Somewhat rough for my taste, but I like the the actual structures and patterns on the surface of the buildings.

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