Fox & Phoenix cover

Hi Gorillas!!! Wow, it’s been a crazy log time since I posted…I’ve been stopping by and checking out all the awesome work though – you guys and girls are killing it! Anyway, no one wants to read my ramblings so on to the goods…

Here’s a cover I did for a great YA novel from Viking press called “Fox & Phoenix”. The story takes place in a southeast asian inspired world where the people have spirit familiars and the technology is powered by magic flux.The concept was to have the two main characters and their familiars entering a bustling city filled with people, lights and magic and being a bit overwhelmed by it all. I had a great time bringing the world to life…


Thanks for looking!

- Nigel

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  1. mister sniffley says:


  2. Björn Hurri says:

    looks great, the style reminds me of ‘Beyond good and evil’ somehow. Well done!

  3. Frederico says:

    Sorry for being nosy here: but i get weird feelings from the boy hip twist. It makes more sense – to me- if his feet were facing us “readers” like someone so stunned that walks with its backs turned u know? When u turn around to see what u’ve already passed by, amazed. I do that all that time.

    Other than that i think u work just looks amazing, love the deep u show (revealling yet misterious), love the colors and i specially dig the neon lites.

    It´s such a class to watch u guys work here.. thanks for sharing it. Keep it up.

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