fox day!


Last week, Clo and I were talking and at some point, we agreed that november 20 would be a good day to draw foxes.
So there, Fox Day!



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Character designer, lead 3d modeler and freelance illustrator.

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  1. clo says:

    Yay fox day! Yours is so pretty! <3

  2. bengal says:

    c’est very good, les both.

  3. rodrigo! says:

    aha brilliant the character is perfect!

  4. hehe cool idea. and I love the character in those cuties. :)
    very well done!

  5. both of these are great!

  6. Vorace says:

    haha the second one is my fav! cool stuff

  7. min says:

    awwww fox day…. :D

  8. vero says:

    Nice guys! how did you do that!?

  9. vero says:

    Nice guys! how did you do that!

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