Five out of Seven

About Jake Rolfe

Living in Melbourne, painting and tattooing around the clock.

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  1. Clo says:

    That fox is my new desktop picture ^___^

  2. bluefooted says:

    I love them all! Mr. Fox is the best, though.

  3. Hot stuff jake- really feeling #2 and the last one

  4. Mike Dutton says:

    Love the work you’ve been doing, Jake. Sorry I fell off the radar with your book a while back. Hopefully you’ll put something together again in the near future and I won’t be completely broke around the time it comes out. Especially with how much I’m enjoying your new stuff.

  5. michele says:

    These are wonderful!!

  6. Jake says:

    thanks guys! I really like the direction i have started to go in lately so i think i’m going to keep playing with it.

    Mike! I am doing a new book as we speak and i can’t wait until it’s done. I’ll keep one for you and i’ll do them all cheaper for GA fellows.

  7. Julien Alday says:

    Yay for more books ! If that countain a solid bunch of illos as the set you just posted here, I will def’ buy it !
    [and not fail like I did for the previous book, to my great shame].
    Excellent job, you little genius. ;)

  8. Gax says:

    finished stuff is asewome mate

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