FireStarter WiP

Howdy gang. Glad to be a part of this.

Here’s something I started over the summer and have been thinking of revisiting:

firestarter sketch

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  1. Brun says:

    Looks promissing, i would like to see the outcome :razz:

  2. Arkady finish it damn you! looks very promising. I like her strong stare, it pulls you in. :)

  3. emilyg says:

    Yeah, her face is gorgeous…I would love to see you finish it.

  4. Finish her…FINISH HER!

  5. Rebeccak says:

    Hey Amish, thanks for the comment! I agree with everyone else, this is a great start and would love to see the finish. Do you start traditionally and then finish digitally ever? Could make a killer combo on this piece. :)

  6. AmishCommy says:

    Thanks everyone!
    This piece has been staring at me with that intense stare begging the same thing “finish me”.

    Rebecca -I tend to fall back to the digital in a time crunch but i think it tends to ruin my images. This image is a weird variation of my process. It’s an enlarged digital thumbnail, on which i superimposed a sketch of a face done in gouache on a post-it note, then printed out and pasted on board, attacked with acrylics and soft pastels, and then more digital on top.

    Since this is not a realized idea but an experiment, i’m playing around with all my tools at my disposal. and having fun while i’m at it.

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