finally got ein scannor !


Ahoy ! long time no see, finally got myself a decent scanner sooo… here’s a little traditional update :]
Hope you like ! … and keep kicking ass brothers and sisters primates !


About Daniol

i like drawing and painting.

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  1. I love you, marry me!

  2. marctaro says:

    awesome. inspirational! Makes mew want to go draw right now!!!! wait I am drawing now. Make me want to draw something AWESOME right now!!!!


  3. iolarnula says:

    Fffffffaaar out.

    Inspiration overload.

  4. Cos Koniotis says:

    Huge shot of inspiration, amazing work Daniol!

  5. Can`t get enough of your pencil work Danny.
    damn fine beauties…


  6. Imaginary says:

    Daaaaaaaaaaamn this is awesome!

    Someone has been playing L4D2 i see, hehe. ^^

  7. Daniol says:

    Troy, oh lord… haha

    Marc, haha, you should post some more here man :]

    Ville, i hate you ! :D

    Iolarnula, thank you, glad you like !

    Scott, thank you sir :]

    Cos, Thanks Cos ! Update !

    Parti, thanks man, on the way now that i have a scanner :]

    Imaginary, yeah… hard to resist haha. Thanks !

  8. These are awesome! :D Beautiful line work :)

  9. rodrigo! says:

    man you have the sexiest rendering that makes me want to give it all up and quit!!!

    but be careful with structure-in the heads! sorry i’m a purist and a bit of a stickler for that. sorry im drunk and im a bit of a cunt and you are fucking great at what you do sojsut ignore my shit.!!! LOL!!!!

  10. Amazing rendering, I’m very fond of the strong lighting.
    I’m very inspired, thank you!

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