Figure Drawings: Changing Locations

This title has a double-meaning. Not only has the Sebastopol figure drawing session moved down the road, but I have moved my store from Zatista to Lish. They’ve made some changes to their policy which I found unacceptable. There are some advantages to having your work on Zatista, but they are not worth the steep commission they are going to start charging, which borders on brick-and-mortar gallery commission. For that  amount of commission charged, I expect the type of attention given to an artist in a brick-and-mortar gallery. If you want more details about it, just email me.

But I am now on Lish, which charges no commission, and everything is dealt directly with me. It’s just a storefront. I have put some cool deals on there for the weekend to commemorate the move. Please feel free to update your bookmarks:

But back to the fun stuff.

These next five drawings were the last ones I did in the old drawing studio at the Sebastopol Center For The Arts on Depot Street. That room was the worst; it would get way too hot in there even on cold nights. Had terrible air circulation. Not enough in-front parking either. There were a lot of things that got in the way of the view of the models too, like big concrete beams holding the roof up. The new place is more open, though slightly smaller in terms of space, but I think it’s better.

I haven’t been hitting the drawing workshops as much as I’ve wanted to. Too many other things going on have gotten in the way. I think it would take a really long time to actually “lose skill,” but true improvement takes constant practice.

A pic of the new digs….
Some 3 minute studies done in pencil.
This 5 minute drawing is where I started feeling comfortable.
Ten minute studies.
A ten and a twenty.
This one was my usual style of mixing line and tone.
This last one was a 15 minute drawing.

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