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About Daniol

i like drawing and painting.

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  1. how the crap do you get this realistic yet made up lighting?! (the 2nd post)
    I really need to know. do you use refs? what?…..

    can you post some steps in the process, or a tutorial of some sort? that`ll be highly appreciated, Buddy.

    and I`m not sure what`s going on with that last piece, but – I love it. very intense and crazy,
    like a F`ing nightmare.
    you`re a genius.


  2. Adam Paquette says:

    yeah, out comes the good shit. yep yep. sweet.
    and yeah, your invented lighting scenarios wow me every time. its similar to that nox/wes MB house style, except it has more story and drama behind the way you have pulled it off (i find). but it has that same ‘tight’, whoa feeling about it.

  3. Daniol says:

    Patri, thanks :) ! i… dunno lol. I just draw and hope that something interesting will come up… :/
    here’s a more of less accurate process of how i work. going from right to left
    as for the ref, i use them for color palettes mostly, like photos of burnt stuff, light reactions, etc, depending on the environment that im looking for. I hope this helps !

    Adam, thanks ! im surprised you can find similarities with them since i have no clue what im doing, contrary to them haha, but i appreciate the compliment. soo thanks man :]

    i just realised that there was a couple of dozens of readers gone, in the rss thing… i probably should be careful with posting around here.. :( sorry.

  4. Kian says:

    …dude, these are excellent.

  5. Dang, that last one is some slick shit! Lovin’ it!!!
    i’m also impressed with how you put together sketches with so few strokes.

  6. beautiful. all of it.

  7. ha daniol i just read your sentence about readers: most likely my fault, since i started posting my pointless sketches again! i have a natural ability for deterrance :)

  8. the king of light returns! a+ as usual.

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