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i like drawing and painting.

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  1. pretty says:

    thats so friggin pretty!

  2. DanielClarke says:

    seriously….. best zombies ever!!!

  3. Daniol says:

    Thanks pretty and daniel :]

  4. Vorace says:

    I saw you drawing them YEAH!!!

    great job

  5. Julien Alday says:

    My only regret is that I can’t clik on it for see the awesomeness a tad bigger. :(
    Aside that, it’s top job ! :)
    Thank you !

  6. liam.c says:

    great man !!!!! inspired for first time in a month ! super cool !

  7. Coz says:

    These are awesome man love them!

  8. DavePalumbo says:

    these are great, sooo creepy!

  9. Gregory says:

    Another classic theme done in an intersting and surprising way.

  10. Daniol says:

    vorace, thanks man ! thanks for dropping by my livestream

    Julien, thanks dude ! err here’s a better sized one if you want http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x57/dano73/Zombiefaces.jpg

    Liam, thanks man, glad you like !

    Coz, thank you sir, i can’t wait for your next update :]

    Dave, thanks a lot man, your nudes are always getting better and better ! Keep them coming !

    Greg, thanks man, happy you think that way of it :]

  11. Nonie says:

    Wow, these are great, I love how they look kind of like heads suspended in liquid or like they’re on a microscope slide or something.

  12. Daniol says:

    thanks nonie, that was more or less what i was aiming for :]

  13. ole says:

    yeah def. successfully pulled that off very original these are gerat

  14. Oh god I hate zombies! but these are great! I love the zombie with the bangs, :D

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