Enviroments Series #01



1/ Snow/Ice enviromental speedpaint


2/ I reckon I’ve bitten more than I can chew with the middle illo. It started as a whim, as a venture into painting topographic styled map environments. I’m now cursing…because it looks like it may take forever to finish


3/ Last illo: The Hobbit: Smaug under the Mountain Hall. A stab at painting dragons, and interior enviros

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  1. Goro says:

    Wow the first one is dope! Composition…colors just everything! Nice one!

  2. Good stuff man.I am loving the first one tons. Looking forward to seeing how the middle turns out.

  3. tie/sleep says:

    wasup chee,

    as long as the second one is taking….its fucking brilliant, imo blows the other ones right out the water. in terms of perspective and detail is so much more interesting- the perspective seems to bend a bit, not disappearing into the vanishing point with straight lines but rather curved ones… the architecture etc looks painstaking.. just make sure you dont work into it too much with a finer brush and lose the energy/spontaneity

    keep it up

  4. koshime says:

    thanks for the feedback guys.
    The middle illo, is more of a fish eye landscape, so has some curved VP perspective ( I think…but need to study more to make sure that is right)

    Tie > yah. wifey says the loose style fits me better. Often my more finsihed pieces loose the energy of the loose begining/mid point

  5. chupacabra says:

    very nice, the first one kicks arse!

  6. Nonie says:

    love the first two. Awesome.

  7. Interceptor says:

    Gorgeous, Koshime.

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