Earth Thirst / The Eternal Flame

Two covers done for Night Shade Books, art directed by Dave “El Phantasmo” Palumbo. The first is for Mark Teppo’s “Earth Thirst” (shown with alternate, unpublished type treatment) and the second for Greg Egan’s “Orthogonal Book 2: The Eternal Flame”.

Earth Thirst by Cody Tilson

The Eternal Flame by Cody Tilson

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  1. Björn Hurri says:

    Space one is a beast!!

  2. Brun says:

    I love the atmosphere in both of them! Great stuff man!



  3. Mark Teppo says:

    I dig the alternate lettering style, though the big block text they went with certainly makes the cover pop from across the room. Someday I’ll have to tell you the story of how the book changed when the Earth Thirst cover showed up and Phoebe had black hair.

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