Drawing video..

So last night we took a few simple clips following my pen and put them into a pretty straight forward video.

Hope you dig. I hope the vimeo embed works… Sorry about the mixup if it doesn’t.


About Jake Rolfe

Living in Melbourne, painting and tattooing around the clock.

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  1. Clo says:

    I can’t see it* :(

  2. Tom Scholes says:

    Edit: Replaced embed with image and link. No vimeo embedding yet, sorry.

  3. Jacob says:

    thanks tom!

    Didn’t know that. All good. :)

  4. Very cool Jake. :) Can you post up the drawing? :D

  5. Cody Tilson says:

    Watched both start to finish. Just fucking awesome.

  6. Jacob says:

    Ah thanks guys. Stoked you like it/them!

    You can see the finished drawings here – http://sssskywhale.com/magik/drawing-process/ to make it easier.

  7. OYO! says:

    great drawing, great texture to the video, great music. Thanks for sharing.

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