About Daniol

i like drawing and painting.

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  1. Kian says:

    Just incredible what you’re doing these days mate. Nice one

  2. Jens says:

    What a way to put us all to shame :) love the edge work

  3. Damn D -really inspiring work here. I love where you are taking your work these days. Cheers bud-s

  4. void says:

    Good to see more stuff from you dude, I gotta say im loving the edges too.

  5. Wow, these are really impressive.

  6. Julien Alday says:

    Rhhhhhooooooooo, c’est bien radical, tout ça !
    Bravo !

  7. MAN I love them brush strokes… damn awesome.
    some bold color choices, too. ass kicking goodies!

    thanks for sharing, mate.

  8. Mark Molnar says:

    solid comps, nice edges and cool colors – great stuff as always!
    dig them all, but the 4th portrait and the last one really stands out…

  9. These are some super interesting portraits, really beautiful……

  10. Liam says:

    Damn ! The purple one really does it for me but all of them are out of the park!

  11. Adam Paquette says:

    O O O O O
    ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
    [10] [10] [9] [10] [10]
    || ||

  12. Adam Paquette says:

    damn it, i knew that ascii wouldnt work.
    you’re killing it bro.

  13. iolarnula says:

    I’m really intrigued as to what’s going on in the last one there, awesome :)

  14. C.R.MacTernan says:

    I already commented on the “Nation” but I just gotta say it again, Daniel…FUCKING AWESOME. That is all. Good night sir. And wax up your board! We need to go boarding!!!

  15. Gregory says:

    Lot’s of very good things, bold decisions, skillfull draws, energy, interesting color… Which leave me frustrated with the texture. Don’t get me wrong, digital touch is fine, but there are digital and digital IMO. Here I can smell Photoshop dull brushes. Your hands have stuff to tell and lack of expression in brushes don’t do them justice. Although it certainly can be achieved with some extra work in Photoshop, it’s probably more of a payoff to go through Painter or Paint Tool Sai ?

  16. Daniol says:

    Thanks Jon !

    Thanks monsieur Jens :]

    Thank you my lord Scott ! Hope you’re not too cold over there ! haha

    Thanks Adam ! Glad you like !

    Thank you Allen ! Post more often man !

    Merci Julien, je te retourne le compliment :)

    Thanks Pat ! :D

    Merci Clo !.. update stp !!

    Thanks Mark !

    Thank you Tiffany, you should… post again :]

    Thank you Liam ! Keep posting man !

    Thanks Adam, i tried to figure out what you tried to write, but i cant really find it… haha ah well

    Thank you madame fin ! Legit observation…. i have no clue either.. :(

    Thanks Christine ! Boarding sounds awesome ! Even though i’m still kind of on canned food right now…. haha

    Gregory, thanks for the feedback man, I appreciate it. I see what you mean with digital feel, but i can’t quite branch off too far from being is simple and clear as possible yet since that’s what they ask for at work, and…. well yeah, i’m still just beginning :) But once i’m comfy enough and have the time and energy, ill do more painterly paints. Thanks a lot !

  17. Gregory says:

    I was probably a little bit confusing. I am not saying you should change your line / art direction. Clear is fine by me, as well as the explicit digital look. I just think your brushes are

    a) a little bit blury, which is sad because it softens your sharp and beautiful hand gestures

    b) not responsive enough to hand gesture, so when they bring texture it’s a texture that doesn’t talk with the move you put in your draw.

    It doesnt have to look like real media to be expressive/interesting. It’s just that all digital tools are not worse the same. You have already the more difficult part : strong draw, idea, guts. Paying a bit extra attention to brushes and what they do for you is a little thing in comparison ;-)

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