soem segments of dirtyness seem underrepresented so heres the male short shorts+amputee pic that one of the forum members requested sorry i didnt spell check it for ya :P i know how much ya love it , but i figured this was good enough :)


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  1. JR says:

    This is hot and wrong. :)

  2. Connor de Jong says:

    The face is really expressive, I dig this piece a lot. Dude doesn’t seem to mind his horrible fashion sense and missing limb though, it’s great that he’s not self conscious. :P

  3. iolarnula says:

    love you liam. but why is he wearing pants? ;p

  4. Liam says:

    Jr and Conner thanks hehe !: p

    iolarnula lol <3 you too next time I’ll let the jhonson dangle free just for you :p the amputation is supposed to be the dirtyness though !

  5. guringo says:

    wooaaa, this is pretty crappy work, and somewhat nauseating as well, and I don’t mean the amputated arm, as the overall quality of the piece. Btw, there are 3 phalanges per finger, but hey, all the best to you, -G

  6. Liam says:

    Haha gringo you have too much trouble trolling the Iran thread and thought to give it a shot here ? :) thanks for the sweet words baby :p

  7. guringo says:

    Liam-dude, I’m not trolling you or Iran..

    I took a look at your other illustrations, and as I suspected, you have a problem with ‘hands’, and it’s one of integrity, between you and yourself. You have ‘arrogance of talent’, which is to say, your work may fool some, who like yourself, are fooling themselves, with what they can produce as so-called artwork. So you never properly invest in anatomy etc or the rigorous training therein, because, hey, you’re supposedly talented, you’ve mastered certain skills, those you didn’t think were boring or difficult on the outset… Step out of your comfort zone, draw a million fuckin hands, and again, all the best to you, -G

  8. liam.c says:

    awww thats cute :) thanks for takeign the time to make suggestions gringo :) im soory but im all out of troll food :( how about a hug insted :)/hug

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