Dirty Sunday [180° atonal teaser]

Hello, Gang ! Today is Dirty Sunday…

So here’s something for your eyes only. ;)


This is in fact two elements from the project I’m working on actually, I will tell you more about it in the near future. Mixed media as usual: Acrylic, Japanese Dot Screen and Mac. Photos were used as ref’ but were not include in the final picture this time. Also, I don’t want to shock my good friend Dave Palumbo, raising the bar of dirtyness too high this time. :P I will do worst another day.

Stay Dirty my friends. ^^


About Julien Alday

Free-lance illustrator and Lapin.

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  1. Clo says:

    Awesome Julien! C’est very classe, quelle élégance this blancheur et cette retenue, ça te fits very well ma chère grenouille! C’est la vie!! Petit déjeuner!! Ménaaaage à troiiiiis! Weeehehe vive le Fraaance!
    Joyeux Dirty Sunday! :D

  2. Mr.Delicious says:

    Love the style :D! I can’t believe its already sunday again D:

  3. Just love these Julien. The palette and high-key values really do it for me

  4. Simon Fellah says:

    Julien, I love your girls:)

  5. devin platts says:



  6. Björn Hurri says:

    they are beautiful! I love to get my hands on those texture backgrounds!!

  7. entdroid says:

    These are wonderful J! :D

  8. Elgatonegro says:

    love your ladies, the line work is excellent and love the play on texture,. my kind of stuff :)

  9. damn those are pure energy, mate. top notch!
    you rock hard you…

  10. liam.c says:

    super ultra sexy

  11. liam.c says:

    damn had to say agean +10 hotness

  12. DavePalumbo says:

    I love them! The more you do of these, the more that I want to see!!!

  13. Cody Tilson says:

    Jeez dude, these are fantastic. I love the type, too! Painting on the print adds so much depth to the final pieces.

  14. i love these J. everything is working great together. the type, texture, drawing… you kicked ass.

  15. Julien Alday says:

    You guys warmed my tiny French heart with your comments !

    @ Clo: Oui, of course, it was more about “chercher la femme” than “je ne suis pas celle que vous croyez”. Toot sweet, madame ! Bidet !

    @ Mr Delicious: Yeah, how’s time flight ! Haha ! ;)

    @ Scott: Thank you ! Coming from a badass like you, it’s really a great compliment for me ! <3

    @ Ville: Thanks ! ^^

    @ Simon: And I love you, Simon ! <3

    @ Devin: <3

    @ Björn: Who knows ? Maybe one day I will “forget” one of them at your home. ;)

    @ Entroid: Merci, mon Lapin ! Bidet ! :D

    @ Elgatonegro: Thank you very much ! Keep an eye on GA for more Sunday goodies. ;)

    @ Patri: Awww, thanks my friend, and yeah, be energic is important [for me at last]. Mucho love and respect for you and your stuff.

    @ Liam: Thanks, pal !

    @ Dave: there’s a chance to have more of this next sunday. Where I hope see yours as well ! ;) Hope all is well for you, mon ami. ;)

    @ Cody: Yup, and then it’s all a question of “mixing” between the painting and the drawing. Thanks for the kind words, we know how hard you rock with font. ;)

    @ Rich: I don’t kick ass, but when I do, I generally miss my target and hit your shoulder ! :P POW ! How are you, Rich ? It’s great to see how productive you are lately !

    Thank you gang ! See you next sunday !

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