Birthday Cat


A quickie to pass some down time.


About Patri Balanovsky

Pat draws and paints. and he likes it. which is very fortunate since that's also what he does for a living. Pat is a Vis Dev / Concept artist. mainly for the Animation Industry.

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  1. Rebeccak says:

    Hahahaha that gave me a chuckle! :D

  2. Daniol says:

    Patri the machine, that’s how i’m gonna call you now :]
    Soo many updates man, and quality ones. You’re doing great !

  3. "s.LEEP£ says:

    very cute

    remember that candlelight is famous for being soft, faint and flattering. your candle is casting some 60watt shine onto that cat!

  4. sachi says:

    really great and cute!

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