Beast Rider Reverse Process

I was asked a few times about how I used the smudge tool on this image. Actually, this was all done with Painter’s Oils, which smudge the paint as you move it across the canvas.
Here are the steps backwards, showing the process.
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About Kan Muftic

Concept Artist at Rocksteady Studios Ltd

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  1. DanielClarke says:

    Wow, really striking and exciting image, thanks for the steps! :)

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  3. C.R.MacTernan says:

    Hey, thank you for sharing this, man! Very interesting. I had no idea you used Painter for this. You have good control of it. I struggle a bit in painter bc i’m not used to the interface, but when it’s done right it looks so rich. I love seeing artistic process. It’s really cool to see where you started with that one. ;)

  4. Kan Muftic says:

    Thanks very much guys, much appreciated.
    Christine, it’s worth the effort, really. Ever since I started using Painter, my painting has improved in general because it made me take conscious decisions with colors and stroke management.

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