Back to the Future Gallery1988 Release

Katie and Jensen over at Gallery 1988 asked me to create a series of paintings for a special holiday release (Thanks guys!!). We all loved Back to the Future so here we are! If you’re in the LA area stop in and check out they’re upcoming Stan-Up Comedy themed show opening next month. I saw the artist line-up and it is killer.

Click here to these paintings on Gallery 1988′s site.


“Marty McFly”
gouache, ink, watercolor, and acrylic on hardboard


“Doc Brown” 5×7
gouache, ink, watercolor, and acrylic on hardboard


For each painting there was a limited edition of 100 prints created for these special holiday releases.
More info here:
Click here for Marty
Click here for Doc


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  1. hahaa these are great! 10,01001000,00 Gigawatts (or whatever it was )

  2. rodrigo! says:

    Gorgeous stuff as always Rich, those prints look awesome. Great to see such vibrant colours, but with a good tonal structure.,

  3. Wicked stuff mate. this is brilliant.

  4. Zord says:

    Right on, man! These are great.

  5. 1.21 gigawatts. it’s the same power as one lightning bolt. duh.

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