Awe, crikey!

Hey ‘rillas!
I’ve been in Australia now for the past month and loving every minute of it. the scenery is beautidul, the weather is fantastic compared to Canada and everyone is so friendly. I moved to Brisbane a while back, but this month I’m staying with another gorilla, Adam Paquette, aka Form, aka the d00d who tries to rub my ass at night. He’s been really hospitable letting me stay here for a whole month, set me up with studio space and all. Can’t wait to get down to some trad painting and shit.

Anyways, we’ve been doing tons of painting and chatting about art and all that, it’s great. This weekend there’s going to be a show on at the studio here that Adam organized. There will be a live DJ, life drawing model and projectors set up for digital painting and roaming camera. The content should be up sometime next week. The event is called the LikeMinds collective. expect to hear those words coming up again in the future.

So here is some of what I’ve done since I’ve been here. A little card illo, and some girl eklipse sketches.


edit/ the pics are fucking jacked looking on my comp, spacially. Hope they show up okay for everyone else.
Hope you enjoy, cheers!

cant let you do that, starfox!

cant let you do that, starfox!

gladys and xiao niao

gladys and xiao niao

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  1. MAN those are beautiful… I love how you paint girls` faces.
    `tis some top notch work, Bub. rich and colorful and delicious.
    well done, absolutely!

    great hearing you`re having a good time, too. :)


  2. hey there seems to be some shit behind your character. whats the deal? where’d that pretty white background go that u used to use???
    go son!

  3. troygalluzzi says:

    Wow, you’ve come a long way, Loren. Hope all is well and good with you.

  4. C.R.MacTernan says:

    Wow, Loren! Great job dude! How cool that you are livin’ in Australia and having a great time. That sounds awesome. And you’re sharing that great studio space of Adam’s eh??? I saw pic’s of it on ERS. It looks kewl mang. Got room for one more? ;P

  5. Clo says:

    Wah, that first one with an actual background is your best! Great!
    Now could you make different faces? :P
    Keep it uuuup dude! \o/

  6. emilyg says:

    These look amazing! I love those forest trees and the flower pattern on the red kimono. :)

  7. Björn Hurri says:

    great post! I really like the two portraits!


  8. IdiotApathy says:

    Fuckin ‘A, son. Looking good, real good.

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