Getting back in the 2D saddle and marathoning through some animal illustrations for this year’s sketchbook! I am pairing up with Jeannine Schafer, a fellow animal artist, and we are challenging each other to finish this book on time X_x Lots to do but happy to do it, since I love drawing animals. Especially derpy ones. Crtis welcome!

About Steph Laberis

I live in Berkeley CA and freelance full-time, specializing in character design for animation and video games. I also design toys for small children and pin-ups for, well, not children :)

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  1. clo says:

    Awesome!! Love that doggy with the missing leg

  2. Wonderful! Great design and i love the way you’ve used the colour and texture – and the lack of outlines too

  3. crowley says:

    Wow, it’s amazing. So loose, stylish and dynamic. Doggie mouth shapes are incredible. You need to post more.

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