Animal Fare Part 2: Wild Animals

I didn’t get a chance to show you these before the show opened, but in addition to the paintings of dogs that I did for the “Animal Fare” exhibition at the Christopher Queen Gallery, I painted these two larger works.

“Surveying The Hunt,” 20×30 in. oil on linen. $3000

This painting was the result of a friend of mine having a cool prop to use for a special occasion like this. I borrowed his (stuffed)fox and took it to a favorite spot of mine with an awesome view. I waited for the right time to get a dramatic staging, and shot plenty of photos. I started this piece in the studio, but I was able to work on this piece from life a couple of times, plus I did some color studies of the view. Once I got to finish the background, I was able to work on the fox from life. It wasn’t going anywhere.

“Across Continents,” 20×30 in. oil on linen. $4500

This painting was made possible not from a trip to Africa, but from a trip a few hours north to a small coastal town named Point Arena. There you will find a place called the B. Bryan Preserve, which raises endangered African hoofed animals, like giraffes, zebras, and antelopes. These beautiful gentle creatures are sable antelopes, which are raised in the preserve. It is interesting to see them in a non-native habitat. I thought the Northern California coast would be an interesting juxtaposition to animals you normally only see in the African savannah.

It took some moving animals around in Photoshop, along with getting rid of some uninteresting pieces of reference to get the composition I liked. You’ll have to click on the picture to get an idea of the thick paint used to render the antelope.

Missed the reception? Click here for a video of the walkthrough:

Bonus! While dropping these paintings off for the show last week, I did a quick painting of a favorite spot of mine that I’ve not painted in two and a half years. This was my 3rd time painting it, and I believe it’s my best yet by far.

You can see the other painting I did there by clicking this link. I have definitely improved a lot from the last time I painted there, most notably in design and composition. I would never paint as much of the extraneous foreground foliage today like I did back then, and I simplify much better now than I did back then.

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