A new book cover and a couple of drawings.

A new cover.  Big thanks to Scott and Timmy for their helpful crits and POs and of course all of the late night pillow fights.


Secret Cargo

Secret Cargo Full Wrap


And a couple new drawings thrown in for good measure.

While drawing this one I became inspired by Klimt’s The Kiss.   Something nice about two figures making one shape.  Blah blah.



That’s it for now.


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  1. Interceptor says:

    I love the palette for that book cover, Rich.
    Nice work!

  2. Came out great man – I like it even more the longer I look at it.
    Dig those big ass shapes in the drawings too – KLIMT 4 -EVA!

  3. thanks interceptor!

    Scott without your POs and input i’d be in la la land still thanks again matey! i just bought a bunch of books on amazon. some frued klimt and a jeff jones! great stuff in there and lit a fire under my already burnt ass! i’ll show you the other one soon. i’ll post it on the websiphere once i get the OK from the AD. we shall chat up and make fun of timmy as usual. :O just kidding timmah.

  4. Kian says:

    Awesome Rich! I want a tatt now

  5. this looks great man.

    crazy tattoos.


  6. tim wilson says:

    yeah, scott and i are going to charge a dual creative constultancy fee of 12% from this point out. rather, from one week ago out. i will be expecting my check by pigeon ASAP, knave!

    other than that, nice scans! literally. the drawings suck, but they scanned really well. and what could you possibly make fun of about ME with scottscott? the fact that when you are 70 i will still look like im 23?

    all jokes aside nice work buddy! facial hair = 9.765 :)

  7. fuck you timmy wilson. haha. you’re the knave. you whelp.

  8. tim wilson says:

    tri titted nipplewart!

  9. Julien Alday says:

    Hold him, Timmy-tim ! I want do my 6 hit combo on that talented bastard !
    Damn dude, you strong, you must be stopped !
    Six hit combo+special attack level 3+Fatality ! <3 YAY ! ^^

  10. J your messages are always a delight to read. such angst and love.

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