65 Year Old: That’s Amazing!

Seems like the compliment karma balances itself out in the end huh?

About Sergio Lopez

North Bay Area based Fine Artist Sergio Lopez. Oil paintings, gouache paintings, plein air paintings, and charcoal drawings. http://www.themainloop.com

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  1. ha. yeah i guess it does. the only comments I get while drawing in public are something like “your a sick and dark motherfucker”. haha. i hardly ever get compliments. haha. where’s my karma compliment fairy!?

    nice painting though sergio. there are some things working really nice in here. the foilage on the upper left tree is well done. it’s hard to crit these since they seem to be quick plein air works. out of curiosity how long are you spending on these? anyhow, i think you could push the values/contrast more. you have so much detail being lost because all the colors are similar in value and saturation. mix it up.


  2. well my friend, who`re you gonna listen to?

    a person who`s not old enough to know anything yet thinks he knows everything – probably because of that same said immaturity,

    or a person who`s old enough to know he can`t know everything, thus knows enough to know what the word “Amazing!” truly means?

  3. IdiotApathy says:

    Mmm nice comp dood!

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