River Bank

On the Banks

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  1. chupacabra says:

    Underneath it all?

    Love your work, Tiff…

  2. why is that bird pecking at the dude’s crotch?

  3. strych9ine says:

    Haha, Khan it should be! Is this a follow up to that one piece of yours in Spectrum (the other piece where the story is half-told through the prints on the kimono interacting with the wearer)? Both that and this piece are exceptional.

  4. ho….. Tiff…. I need a minute to pick my jaw of the bloody floor…
    it`s just…. so Beautiful. this is definitely my cup of tea,
    one of the most amazing works I`ve seen lately.

    (look at `em fishies ho man…)

    god bless ya.


  5. Kian says:

    …..wow! :shock: Tiff, this is fantastic

  6. Dead Mellotron says:

    awesome! so nice… i love the otter so much, he’s upstaging the other characters!

  7. Interceptor says:

    Ouch! This piece is stellar, T. The otter is adorable. I wish I was that fish it’s cuddling.


  8. entdroid says:

    Terrific illo Tiff!!! Love it :grin:

  9. so the dude was all like “I feel like a cow, you’re always milking me for everything I’ve got!”, and she was all like “i feel like a sewing wheel – always putting up with you and the way you spin yarns” and the otter was all like “I want to eat it, but somehow I know its not the right thing to do in such an innocent painting”, and the fish were all like “Ommmmmmm” as they swam through the galaxy! And I was all like “whoa, this painting makes me excited”. Nuff said…

  10. zaknafain says:

    yeah! I love the colors and the mood you are creating with it…

  11. Simon Fellah says:

    Damn you, Tiff! Too good!!! Love it (even though it makes me want to never paint again for the rest of my life, hehe.)

  12. min yum says:

    WOOO, tiff..
    holy snap.. I thought you were busy lazying around.. well that’s what you said last time.. but look at you! you lied.. magnificent piece.. :D

  13. Daniol says:

    Very nice !
    The colors and compositions are well chosen !

  14. timmy wilson says:

    i like the part that is awesome: as in , all of it :)

  15. Julien Alday says:

    Allready told you that via mail, but again: :shock:
    Your best ?

  16. OH! crap thanks everyone! Man I really just didn’t think much about this painting, and I was really surprised to hear such great comments. Definitley gives me more confidence to post more. You guys are awesome!! :D

    Hey Arkady:haha yeah you know every chance I get I like to point out characters crotches, just my style.

    Cody: hmm well it’s a different story, but the same author for the Magazine. He does a lot of asian themes. And Yeah I guess I could have used it for LMS, but I feel like I would be cheating since I did it for a job. :/

    Awe crap ok I’m going to respond to everyone. I was just going to respond to the questions, but everyone had such nice things to say so I feel you all deserve more.

    Chupa: Thanks man. I’m sorry I couldn’t join you in LMS. You did a stellar job by the way. :)

    Patrick: Man wow! thank You. this comment made my day, really it put me in such a great mood.. weeeeee….:D I feel like swinging…

    Kian: thanks man. :D

    Dead Mellotron: hey thanks. You know the Otter is the narrator of the story so it makes me happy people notice him. :)

    Loren: haha! thanks bud! haha yeah feesh and otters can live together, who would have thought. :)

    Vic: *BIG SMILE* thanks chica!! YEY!! Vic likes it!!!!

    Adam: haha perfect description, hahah! so funny. *laughing*

    Zak: thanks man.:)

    Simon: oh! whatever….*blusH*

    Min: haha! yeah I was, but then work came around, and I said ah! shit I have to move. Thanks Min. :)

    Daniol: OH! thank you!

    TimmY: haha! thanks dooooder! :D

    Julien: hmmm my best I don’t know if your asking me or telling me. I think, hmmm well nothing will ever be my best. Oh I need to shut up, haha! Thanks Julien. :D

  17. I am uncomfortable with how good this is!

  18. Rebeccak says:

    I am uncomfortable because I just wet my pants when I saw this gorgeous image :D – oh wait, did I say that out loud?

  19. emilyg says:

    Gorgeous image. I would love to see some progress shots and/or close-ups.

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