2 inks and a dream catcher


3 illustrations for the challenge in my blog: “Winged Monkey”, “The Last Word” and “Dream Catcher”.


Winged Monkey

The Last Word

Dream Catcher

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  1. liam.c says:

    man i love that chimp with the wings all super cool man !

  2. you are gifted, you are. sweet babe. :)
    I was completely blown away by that Dream Catcher work of yours. stunning.
    and your B&Ws always look so damn solid. your inks are awesome.
    you`re going places, yes you are.


  3. Good stuff Aviv, I like the Dream Catcher.
    Good inks as well.


  4. really nice work – I love the inks. Is that traditional inks?

  5. maxETormer says:

    Those inks rocked my SOCKS!!! great work SIR!

  6. rüya tabiri says:

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