Cintiq 24HD Flagship


Some work related to the Cintiq 24HD development & launch



Flagship Prelim process

Flagship Prelim process

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Director and CEO of Opus Artz Ltd.

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  1. Brun says:

    I’m not in the position to buy one and even if I could I would need some try-out time with it first. But from the looks of it, it seems like a nice improvement (design wise too). So perhaps somewhere in the future.

    Kick ass drawing btw, and thanks for the step by step!


  2. I saw the drawings in the promotions and thought they looked awesome, but I had no idea you where the one who had done them, kick ass!

  3. LostKeep says:

    … sweet, Jesus … I hope you got a complimentary 24HD!

  4. duddlebug says:

    Looks great! And nice process stuff too!

    Now you just need to get your hands on one of those pesky 24HD’s….

  5. real nice Dr.
    thanks for the process shots, loving these.

  6. Cos Koniotis says:

    Looks awesome, very nice to see the steps too!

  7. koshime says:

    Hey Cos, nice to hear from you. Are you still in London. if so, which rock are you hiding under? :)

  8. Cos Koniotis says:

    Hey Chee I’ll send you an email

  9. Daniel Andrews says:

    Just waiting for mine in the mail. Its gonna be a nice change from a med intuos, to a 24 inch cintiq.

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