Character Development



This year, I’m resolved to get into character and monster development. So here is a 20 min speedy at work, which we use to warm up our day (thanks to hurri’s training and advice for that )

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  1. Daniol says:

    Interesting image sir.
    Keep working !

  2. Great work… I actually find the foreground figure quite interesting… something classic about him/her with such few strokes… brilliant

  3. Main Loop says:

    hmm cool first impression, but I have no idea what I’m looking at…

  4. Simon Fellah says:

    Love the shapes. I agree with Mecha – the small front figure is really great.

  5. chupacabra says:

    Hey Ming,
    Awesome work!

  6. redehlert says:

    that’s hip, my frand! nice feeling and shapes!

  7. Shamandalie says:

    20 minutes? WOW~
    i love the color scheme and the strokes :)

  8. koshime says:

    Thanks guys! The comments and feedback much much appreciated!

  9. this looks intense Man… I can`t really understand what`s what,
    but I like the light and shade play never the less.


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