you know that one… but now I have stuff on here too!

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  1. Kian says:

    seriously zak, that top one is brilliant mate

  2. i agree with jon- top one is great
    awesome color harmony

  3. idle. says:

    :shock: :shock: :shock: Zak, when I get back, I will seriously saw your head apart and try to find what’s inside. Awesome.

  4. Dead Mellotron says:

    they’re both great but the landscape is fantastic!

  5. min yum says:

    love the colours! yeeeeah!

  6. Simon Fellah says:

    Love that city painting – such beautiful colors. Pretty amazing, dude!

  7. WOW! yeah lovely atmosphere, and colors!

  8. alex_d says:

    these are outstanding mate… i am so gonna be a braingbug, when i’ll be back!!!

  9. zaknafain says:

    hey… thanks everyone :)

  10. that first piece is top shelf, man. excellent color scheme and a magnificent scene. great job!


  11. Rebeccak says:

    Really cool stuff, I don’t see how anyone paints buildings. I really like the cityscape especially, the painterly quality is great and there is just enough there – could really learn a lot from you! :)

  12. mattgamer says:

    beautiful work, Tobi. yes you abandoned me at CA. so sad. *pout* i was wondering where you went!

    keep up the good work, mate! and get on msn or ca irc sometime! be blessed!

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