dirty weekend…

So, some  sketchbook pages from the ArtUndressed show last weekend… So much to draw – kept me scribbling till midnight two nights in a row! These are ‘live’ drawings – nobody is willing to stand still just for my convenience :) There’s a lot of furtive drawing from the corner of the room and desparate watercoloring while people dance off to the after party!

the winners of an ad-hoc body painting competition…didn’t catch the artist’s name (anyone know her?)…

fashion show…a tutu collection a’la burning man, and more body painting – with fire!

shibari demos by Lew Rubens of BoundNdetermined.com…

About marctaro

I'm a freelance concept artist and painter. I live in Montreal Quebec Canada.

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  1. Clo says:

    I love it at so many levels… *___*

  2. Sergio Lopez says:

    Very inspiring to watch you whip these out my friend! It was very impressive to see how much you retained of the pose from memory.

  3. these are great- lots of energy and the lines are delicious!

  4. These are awesome drawings. Very inspiring!

  5. Nonie says:

    Wow, really gorgeous :D Love your placement of figures on the page.

  6. Vorace says:

    seriously it’s wonderful!!

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