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happy halloween btw!

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  1. Julien Alday says:

    Délicieux ! :3
    I’m glad to see you posting here, specially for Dirty Sunday !

  2. oyo says:

    Interesting take on this poisonous character, I’d love to read your own version of Arkham Ayslum one day…

  3. Björn Hurri says:

    it is always fun to see your dirty sunday entry! I need to start doing that as well again!

  4. riqui says:

    i wonder what kind of media did you use? paper? inks? it may seem trivial but i’m mostly pencil on paper but want to start using more color what do you suggest or recommend? thanking you in advance:)

  5. bengal says:

    thanks guys.
    i do pencils on paper, and colors with painter or toshop.

  6. Tom Scholes says:


  7. cakeypigdog says:

    I saw you had released some new stuff when cgunit put them up I did not make the dity sunday connection! They are just as fabulous as ever. You Frenchies just kill it with your style and panache. Wonderful stuff!

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