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to get back on track, it seemed obvious that dirty sunday would fit me totally, so here we go! and i’ll try to be weekly on this, that would be my challenge, to keep it alive!

(all i had at home today was my mouse, no tablet, so i did something simple hehe.)

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  1. Marce says:

    me likes!

  2. devin platts says:

    bengaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllll :D

  3. OYO says:

    good teaser, bienvenue msieur B !

  4. Joslin says:

    Yes please Bengal, be weekly on this : )

  5. OmenD4 says:

    Bengal…….. Your art has been missing from my life and its been a much darker place since you stopped posting. Welcome back :)

  6. bengal says:

    thanks everyone! :]

  7. troygalluzzi says:

    Holey crap bengal is back!!!!

  8. Sukh says:

    OH SNAP! Return of the Tiger!!!!!

  9. i too have been missing the sweet sweet sweet art of bengal. I am expecting you to make another piece next sunday. So that I won’t be the only one :) omg dirty sunday revival.

  10. Kevin Bandt says:

    missed u so much! where have u been hiding?

  11. bengal says:

    well i was doing comics for french publishers, no wonder the rest of the world thought i had disappeared…
    but i was drawing still, just many pages. which i will continue doing, actually!

  12. Clo says:

    Haha quelle bonne nouvelle. Decidement tu me surprendras toujours **

  13. welcome back man! I love this piece, maybe I will start doing it weekly again too!

  14. bengal says:

    ty peeps, salut clo! ;]

  15. Imaginary says:

    Hm, seems my other comment failed to appear. =((

    Anyway, this is huge! Bengal, one of the guys who got me into drawing, posting here, a very pleasant surprise. =D

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