Zombies and Acid

Moar shtuff from Pat. :)

It`s Self Portrait Day at my Artist Collective group, and I went all zombie on my ass-

“Acid Mouth”- some thumbs, refined design, and finished piece -

Thanks for watching good sirs and ladies!


About Patri Balanovsky

Pat draws and paints. and he likes it. which is very fortunate since that's also what he does for a living. Pat is a Vis Dev / Concept artist. mainly for the Animation Industry.

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  1. brun says:

    Another great update patri !!!

    I love the thumbnails :)

  2. Vorace says:

    haha juicy zombie!

  3. redehlert says:

    outstanding patri! your final critter looks like it’s lit from within — that radiant, brother. :)
    i think you need a chin cup for your sp.

  4. sweet update man- the zombie looks great!

  5. coda says:

    All of this work looks really vibrant. It is always a pleasure to get an eyeful of your latest illos.

    thank you for sharing them.


  6. thanks Coda. :) means a lot to me.


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