Oppidum Chapter: Abbadon

Enjoying new techniques and toying around with a new chapter and ideas in Oppidum.
I’ve posted some process shots of these, notes and more over on tumblr: Click !

About Tom Scholes

Available for Freelance Concept Art/Visual Development specializing in environments. I’m passionate about the untapped potential of digital art and interactive entertainment, and am deeply interested in the growth of both mediums. I believe art is the best means of discovery and delievery of emotional and experiential knowledge and am constantly searching for the means to provide enrichment in these areas. I’ve worked on 7 different titles for 3 different studios; Microsoft’s 343 Industries, NCSoft’s ArenaNet, and Disney Interactive’s Avalanche.

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  1. Cody Tilson says:

    You’re my favorite. This world is beautiful, man…

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