LMS Entry process

Here are all the process sketches leading up to the final for my LMS entry.



And the finished.


About Randall Whiteis

Artist out of Florida.

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  1. Brun says:

    I really love the idea. but i’m sry to say that your up against me, and i’m taking u down boyo

    (i wish :oops: )

  2. After i saw yours, i was like…well that was fast. No doubt in my mind i lost hahaa.

  3. strych9ine says:

    Randall, would you mind writing up a little tutorial thingie for the Last Man site? You had a great way of working out your ideas here, I’d love to have that up there if you’re cool with that.

  4. You bet cody! I have been meaning to for a while, but i’ve been missing the time recently. I’ll be sure to write something up in the next few days, then i’ll give you a PM to it, or post it here on GA.

  5. Hey Randall very cool to see your process. I really like out it came out! :)

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