“Emotions are alien to me. I’m a scientist.”

a quick study of Mr. Spock. (about an hour, give or take)

I`m real F`ing rusty at this, since I`m not doing this as often as I should be. lazy ass. >:\

cheerio good people.


About Patri Balanovsky

Pat draws and paints. and he likes it. which is very fortunate since that's also what he does for a living. Pat is a Vis Dev / Concept artist. mainly for the Animation Industry.

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  1. Interceptor says:

    you gave me a process!! :D and star trek!
    merry christmas to me.

  2. Dead Mello says:

    Nice Likeness, Patri! Nice brushwork too.

  3. pd says:

    Love it! I agree, you should be doing more of these :)

  4. George says:

    This is fabulous…can you please leave some comments on how you did this?

  5. thanks guys! :)

    Loren – hehehe… you can never goe wrong with Star Trek. :)

    D mello – thanks mate!

    PD – thanks. yup I should, no doubt.

    George – well the process is simple – I look at the photo ref and start blocking big shapes,
    without concerning myself with features or likeness or anything like that. just painting in what I see in terms of abstract shapes that coexist together. I pick colors from my color wheel, or if I can`t quite make what a certain color is, I sometimes pick it from the ref itself (I work in Photoshop, by the by..), if it`s a quality pic.

    after that I just keep carving away at the shapes and forms, `till something emerges.
    usually the “likeness” occurs own its own, if you just keep the abstract shapes and blobs relatively close to as they are in the ref you`re studying.

    and that`s it. :) hope it made sense to ya.


  6. btw, if you find it hard to separate in your mind the abstract shapes from the actual features or face –

    just flip the ref pic upside down. this way you won`t see it as “a face” or “an arm” or “a neck”,
    you`d only see the shapes and forms of color and tone.


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