Xiao Niao

Kicking ass lately, Gorillas. Always proud to be a part of the blog here…

Her name is Xiao Niao, it means little bird. She’s another Eklipse villan. She’s a captain of one of the ships in
Charity’s fleet. All the captains are girls, but Xiao Niao is kind of a rebel against Charity. She’s tough and does’nt like to take orders from anyone. Maybe one day she’ll start a mutiny. Thanks for looking!



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  1. Zord says:

    Well done homie! I dig the revisions from what you showed me earlier, the pattern on her costume is a nice touch.

  2. awesome. love her dress and pose.
    good color choices, and the folds and creases on her dress are great.


  3. Kian says:

    Love her blue hair mate
    She turned out great :) nice one

  4. Julien Alday says:

    Excellent but… If she’s a villain, doesn’t she need a lil “tougher” expression on her face ? Just me being picky, sorry. :P Aside that, good job, Loren. Love the pattern on her dress.

  5. /ic/ says:

    Good start!

  6. emilyg says:

    I love this one! Awesome design and love the dress.

  7. Rebeccak says:

    That kimono is kind of revealing. A little wushu action and that modest look is toast.

  8. Interceptor says:

    Thanks guys!

    Johnny – Thansk for the help translating, mate.

    Patri – You little sweet talker. Thansk alot, that means a ton coming from you.

    Jon – Move to Canada! <3

    Julien – Haha, thanks my little French buttercup. Lol, I know. But this girl is a villain in the sense that she’s just opposing the good guys, she’s not necessarily a bad person, though. No real hatred, except towards her Commander.

    /ic/ – Thank you.

    Emmerly – Thanks, pal :D

    Rebecca – Haha, I sure hope so!

  9. Björn Hurri says:

    It turned out great man!
    Pattern really turned it around.
    Have you tried adding a secondary light source to break the magenta feel to the painting?
    Maybe some dirty turquoise?


    PS. I’ll try to finish my end of the collaboration soon!

  10. Björn Hurri says:

    …And watch the shadow on the knee, it is a too heavy on the sides.

  11. Showed this to my girl Jaclyn, She wants her dress… and Id like to see it on her :P

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